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The founders of Highly Nriched met in 2018 as NSquare Fellows. We come from different backgrounds, but share a common interest in bringing new energy and fresh approaches to tackling the threat of nuclear weapons. An interdisciplinary team of scientists, designers, academics, and policy practitioners, together we brought Highly NRiched into existence. Our online hub supports informed public discourse on nuclear issues by making high quality educational resources easy to share and access. We promote diversity by linking educators and students with our accessible network of expert mentors. From day one, Highly NRiched has strived to teach, inspire, and engage.

Our Logo

The team at Highly NRiched supports diversity of thought, background, and experience. Our logo symbolizes the generative power of diversity. As the atom splits, it gives off new energy, releasing a diversity of possibilities for thought and action.

Meet the Team

Dr. Anne Harrington
Co-founder & Project Director

Dr. Anne I. Harrington is an associate professor in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Cardiff University, Wales, United Kingdom, where she teaches on nuclear strategy and no... Read More

Dr. Tara Drodenko
Co-founder & Chief of Operations
Dr. Drozdenko has nearly 20 years of experience working in the national security field. She brings expertise in nuclear policy and an extensive network of peers in the nuclear... Read More
Daniel Esposito
Co-founder & Chief of Technology
Daniel Esposito is the co-founder and CEO of Guardion, Inc. where he leads technical research and development to transition novel nanotechnologies into products for... Read More
Kate Hewitt
Co-founder & Chief of Marketing and Communications
Kate Hewitt is a public affairs specialist and spokeswoman for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). In addition to an extensive network of nuclear policy... Read More
Rives Matson
Co-founder & Creative Director
Coming soon... Read More
Chantalle El Sharkawy
Project manager assistant
Chantalle El Sharkawy is an Egyptian American student in the final year of her undergraduate degree in Media and Communications at Cardiff University, Wales. Chantalle has completed her semester abroa... Read More
Malgorzata Rudnicka
Malgorzata Rudnicka is in the third year of her degree in Politics and Spanish at Cardiff University. Currently, pursuing her year abroad, she is studying at the University of Barcelona, Spain. In add... Read More
Daria Nekrasova
Social Media Manager
Daria Nekrasova, currently based in Wales, is studying Media and Communications at Cardiff University. Coming from an international background with experience from Singapore and Malaysia, Daria has wo... Read More


Shampa Biswas
Shampa Biswas is a professor in a Liberal Arts college in Washington State. Her work revolves around postcolonial theory, race and colonialism in international relations and non proliferation and disa... Read More
Amy Sands
Most recently Amy Sands has worked at the Middlebury Institue of International International Studies. Over the last 30-35 years, Amy has worked as a researcher and policy activist for non-proliferatio... Read More
Erika Gregory
Erika is managing director of N Square and a recognized catalyst for collaborative innovation, with 30 years of experience building companies and leading innovation programs for clients in philanthrop... Read More

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