Teach, Inspire, Engage

Our mission is to enhance understanding of world issues by making lessons about them memorable.

Active learning exercises—games, simulations, and other participatory activities—enhance our ability to remember information. This platform supports a holistic approach to a student and teacher experience by providing you with the tools you need, the impact you need and the people you need to create an “Nriching” experience.

Our Story

From NSquare to NRiched

World issues have been a constant problem many scientists, advisors, researchers, and activists are trying to tackle.

Through the NSquare network, our vibrant cross-sector group of technologists, game designers, policy experts, diplomats, designers, and strategists, wanted every individual to gain new perspectives on the possibilities of solving some of the toughest nuclear challenges and other world issues that would help in spreading awareness.

Our idea was to encourage people to be better informed through a more practical approach– by building connections, engaging with experts, customizing a curriculum for schools, and interactive simulations that empower individuals to enable action.

Our Team

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