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The Oleander Initiative ( OleanderInitiative.org ) is a 10 day program that gathers high school teachers from around the world to Hiroshima, Japan in order to co-design lesson plans about the "lessons of Hiroshima."Since 2016, educators from the Middle East, North Africa, South Korea, US and Japan have gathered during the anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, today a vibrant metropolis known as the City of Peace. During their time at the Oleander Initiative, educators develop their own lesson plans specifically tailored for their students informed by their experiences in Hiroshima. These lesson plans -- fine-tuned and co-developed with Oleander staff and fellow participants during the program – are designed to have a concrete and tangible impact on their students and communities.Program Activities:• Live testimonials from hibakusha atomic bomb survivors• Instruction from top academics on peace culture, historical memory and reconciliation• Visits to Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Peace Park, Atomic Bomb Dome and other sites of conscience• Site visits to Hiroshima schools– the only system in the world where peace education is mandatory in all levels of education• August 6thatomic bombing memorial ceremony hosted by the city of Hiroshima• Meetings with Hiroshima city officials via the Hiroshima Peace Culture office• Networking opportunities with Hiroshima Peacubuilding NGOs• Attendance at the World Conference against A & H bombs, the oldest and largest of its type• Personalized guidance to assist development of educational activities best suited for Oleander educators’ local contexts• Cultural Activities including Kagura performance, tea ceremony, and calligraphyOrganizer: The Oleander Initiative is organized by the University of the Middle East Project (UME.org), a US 501c 3 non-profit, non-partisan organization that builds bridges through education. Since its inception in 1997, UME has implemented 49 programs for over 2500 educators and community leaders.

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