Interview a Nuclear Expert

in on December 21, 2023

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In this first task, imagine you are an investigative journalist and you have been asked to interview a nuclear expert. 


These people can be living or dead, they may be from the past or present, and they may be from near or far. You may want military expertise, lived experience, scientific insight, academic contribution or an activist’s voice. Think about the people you encountered in the core readings and spend some time researching online before you come to your decision.


You must consider:

Who will you choose and why? What do you want to learn, understand, or highlight? 


Be ready to present:

(1) three to five questions that you would ask your chosen interviewee 

(2) justification for your choice of interviewee 

(3) justification for your chosen questions


Discuss as a group: are there any patterns that have emerged in terms of the people you have chosen or the questions you will ask?

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Learning Objectives
  • The aim of these activities is to encounter and evaluate different forms of nuclear expertise. Feminism tells us that knowledge is not neutral but political, shaped by gender, race, and class. Some forms of knowledge are valued over others and some people are heard whilst others are silenced. These tasks will help you to identify and challenge the knowledge hierarchies in the nuclear field.

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