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You are a journalist for TIME magazine. 


You have noticed the lack of human- or victim-centred perspectives on nuclear weapons. So often you are encountering strategic military positions, state-centred frames, or the expert opinion of scientists, diplomats and officers. 


You want to design a magazine cover that draws the reader’s attention to the people affected by nuclear weapons. These people can be living or dead, they may be from past or present, and they may be from near or far. Perhaps they were victims of Hiroshima or Nagaskai. Perhaps they were impacted by radiation as a result of mining, production, or testing. 


You must decide how you will represent this issue:

What will you include? What will you exclude? What will you highlight? What will you background?


Be ready to present:

(1) a central image or illustration (you may find this online or create your own)

(2) an accompanying headline

(3) a justification for your choices

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Learning Objectives
  • Throughout this module you will encounter a range of feminist voices and experience the nuclear world as embodied and sensory, intimate and everyday. By the end of the module you will understand how gender intersects with other power relations to shape the nuclear world. You will critically evaluate different feminist approaches and come to your own conclusions.

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