LABRATS Academy – History of Nuclear Testing

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Welcome to the LABRATS Academy, an Educational resource for everyone to use. Here you will find information relating to nuclear testing programs across the world. This site has interactive videos, quizzes, veteran testimonies, and actual footage of the tests. Please use this site for educational purposes and share it across the world. Let Dom, Runit, Kitty, and Jessie teach you about the testing program. Visit full details of our Education, Recognition, and Awareness program.

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Divisible Explanation Each country has their own segment for the testing program, the videos and testimonies can be viewed separately.
Learning Objectives
  • Students will learn which countries have tested nuclear weapons, and how many tests they have conducted, and where those tests were carried out.
  • They will be able to identify the different international treaties and agreements that have placed limits on the testing and spread of nuclear weapons.
  • They will be introduced to the stories of individuals and communities who live with the effects of nuclear tests.
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