Sadako Sasaki: An Interactive Reading Comprehension Activity

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In the Hiroshima Peace Park there is a statue that honors Sadako Sasaki. At only two years old she survived the US atomic attack on Hiroshima. At twelve she developed leukemia. While in the hospital she folded more than one thousand origami cranes in the hopes of getting better. There is a Japanese folk legend that says cranes can live for one thousand years and if a person folds one origami crane for each year of a crane’s life their wish will be granted. Sadako’s wish to recover did not come true, but she did make the world a better place by inspiring her friends and classmates to honor her and all of the children who lost their lives in the atomic bombings.

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Learning Objectives
  • Learn about a history lesson indirectly in an English language class
  • Learn what happened after Hiroshima through an interactive reading activity that kindles their motivation and interest.
  • Deduce some of the devastating effects of war on children.
  • Sympathize with Sadako and her friends being victims and at the same time strong and powerful peace mes-sage believers.
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