Wildfire II

by Dan Esposito

WILDFIRE is a two move role-playing game that acquaints players with the problems associated with the spread of nuclear weapons and some of the solutions to these problems. The basic WILDFIRE game is designed to be played either in two 45-minute sessions of one move each or in a single 90-minute session with a short break between moves. A short introductory exercise is designed to be worked through in advance.

The game has three separate parts- an introductory exercise and two “moves”. The introductory exercise covers the fundamentals of the problem and some basic facts (like who has nuclear arsenals today) and gets players thinking about the overall issue. The first move is a crisis control exercise in which players take on the roles of top officials in five nations that are wrestling with a future nuclear crisis involving India and Pakistan. The second and final move is a post-crisis negotiation exercise in which players seek a long-term solution to the conflict between India and Pakistan,

Content Included:

  • Items for Game Leader
  • Game Leader Instructions Wildfire II.pdf
  • Teaching Guide Wildfire II.pdf
  • The Spread of Nuclear Weapons-An Overview Wildfire II.pdf
  • Items for All Players Wildfire II
  • Background on Proliferation Wildfire II.pdf
  • Background on the Conflict Wildfire II.pdf
  • Move One Scenario and Map Wildfire II.pdf
  • Move Two Instructions Wildfire II.pdf
  • Move One
  • China Move One.pdf
  • Pakistan Move One.pdf
  • USSR Move One.pdf
  • India Move One.pdf
  • US Move One .pdf
  • Move Two
  • China Move Two.pdf
  • Pakistan Move Two.pdf
  • USSR Move Two.pdf
    India Move Two.pdf
  • US Move Two.pdf
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Minimum Number of Participants 4
Maximum Number of Participants 10
Group or Individual Groups
Number of Leaders 1
Total Prep Time 40
Total activity time 300
Divisible No
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danesposito at 7:13 pm

Wildfire II was great. It was fun to go through an old scenario with a modern perspective.


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  • Well worth my time! Kids asking deep meaniful questions

    The game was just right for our block period scheduling to get done in two classes. Students were engaged.
    Note: I wound up printing a different map out that had a little more detail.

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