Dr. Anne Harrington’s Talk at Los Alamos National Laboratory

in Knowledgebase on June 25, 2024by Malgorzata Rudnicka

On June 11th, Dr Anne Harrington spoke at the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Futures & Foresight Discussion Series. She introduced Highly NRiched’s mission to make resources and networks accessible to everyone, not just those already in the system. Breaking down barriers and removing “systemic serendipity” to ensure that opportunities are available to all is one of Highly NRiched’s core missions, as are integrating social justice into nuclear threat reduction, advocating for the inclusion of diverse voices, and having frontline community members in discussions typically dominated by a few.
The presentation showcased the key features of Highly NRiched’s platform, including a crowdsourced resource base and a mentor portal to connect students, teachers, and experts in the field.

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