Feminism puts bodies and their representations at the center of the nuclear world. By completing the activities for this theme, you will reflect on how different bodies have different experiences of nuclear harm. You will also explore how representations of nuclear victims and of nuclear leaders reinforce body and gender norms.

Activity 1:

Feminism reveals the catastrophic effects of nuclear technologies on bodies and allows you to see how a person’s class, race and gender determine the likelihood of their exposure to nuclear harm. Completing this activity will help you understand how bodies are differentially affected by radiation exposure. It will also encourage critical reflection how the bodies of victims of nuclear harm are represented.

Activity 2:

This activity will continue your exploration of the representation of bodies in the nuclear world. You will critically examine what is “inside” the frame and notice what has been left out. By exploring TIME magazine covers, and designing your own, you are encouraged to question whose body is given visibility and whose is hidden in the nuclear world.

Module Conclusions

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