The aim of these activities is to encounter and evaluate different forms of nuclear expertise. Feminism tells us that knowledge is not neutral but political, shaped by gender, race, and class. Some forms of knowledge are valued over others and some people are heard whilst others are silenced. These tasks will help you to identify and challenge the knowledge hierarchies in the nuclear world.

Activity 1

Interview a Nuclear Expert

For this activity, imagine you are an investigative journalist and you have been asked to interview a nuclear expert. Selecting your interviewee and questions encourages you to encounter the different ways in which knowledge and expertise are constructed and valued in the nuclear realm. What does your choice of interviewee reveal about knowledge hierarchies in the nuclear world?

Activity 2

The Sounds of Nuclear Expertise

In this activity you will engage with the sound of nuclear expertise. Feminism encourages us to critically reflect on the gendered and racialised criteria we use to judge whether someone’s voice and speech are authoritative and convincing. While some ways of speaking about nuclear weapons have become strongly associated with rationality, impartiality and scientific expertise, others have been silenced and side-lined as emotional, partisan and idealistic.

Activity 3

Expertise and the Nuclear Pacific

The two previous tasks for this theme ask you to think about what a nuclear expert looks like, sounds like and knows. This task asks you to engage with questions of whose expertise gets heard and why, by reading and watching different sources of information on nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Module Conclusions

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