Families & Homes

What do we learn about nuclear politics if we take families and homes as our starting point? Feminists argue that the personal and the political are intertwined. Undertaking the two activities for this theme will help you see how families and homes shape nuclear politics and are shaped by it – with some families and homes much more affected than others. You will also explore how gendered roles in the domestic sphere shape individual engagement with nuclear production processes and pro- or anti-nuclear activism.

Activity 1

Atomic Homes

The aim of these picture-based tasks is to help you to critically reflect on how the domestic sphere and our intimate and family relationships are entangled with the nuclear world. What can you learn from Cold War fall-out shelters or housing on the Pacific atoll of Kwajalein about the gulf between imagined and actual nuclear impacts on homes and families?

Activity 2

A Woman’s Place

How might your role in the family or household influence your interaction with the nuclear world? Feminists have drawn attention to how these roles are often stratified by gender, linked to gender segregation and inequality in the workplace and sustained by powerful cultural norms around motherhood. These writing activities will help you analyse how women’s association with homemaking and mothering shapes their entry into nuclear industries or anti-nuclear activism.

Module Conclusions

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