Highly NRiched named recipient of Carnegie Corporation grant

in Media, Nriched, Nuclear on February 18, 2022by Anne Harrington

New York City, New York – Highly NRiched announced today that is has been awarded a $200,000 grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The grant will fund, among other things, a content and marketing push, and full-time employment of Anne I. Harrington of Cardiff University to manage its platform.

Since its creation from the NSquare Initiative in 2018, the four-person leadership team operating NRiched has been volunteering its time. The tech-based platform solution provides nonpartisan educational materials and resources on nuclear weapons and existential risk. After soft-launching in 2021, the platform is currently seeking to populate its website with resources from academia, intergovernmental and governmental agencies, advocacy organizations, and subject matter experts.

Highly NRiched provides educators with resources in one crowdsourced, searchable, online hub. Educators can search a database of crowdsourced games, simulations, videos, and podcasts that are easily uploadable onto courseware sites. Additionally, Highly NRiched bridges the gap between academia and the policy community by offering a community of more than one-hundred policy makers and think-tank experts who have volunteered their time as guest speakers and/or professional mentors who can be contacted through Highly NRiched’s mentor portal. Together, these elements create a synergistic user experience. Experiential learning exercises engage and motivate students and its vibrant mentor network facilitates engagement with the community.

NRiched was funded initially as an incubator project via the NSquare Initiative with a $45,000 grant, in partnership with the Carnegie Corporation in 2020.

About Highly NRiched

Highly NRiched exists to promote informed public discourse through education. Regardless of discipline, Highly NRiched provides college professors and high school teachers with the resources necessary to bring diverse perspectives on science, technology, and society alive for their students. We incentivize educators to incorporate lessons about nuclear weapons into their classrooms by making it easy for educators to share, access, and build bespoke lesson plans, content, and experiential learning material.

Learn more about Highly NRiched here.

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