This module introduces you to anti-colonial and anti-racist perspectives on the global politics of nuclear weapons. We invite you first to engage with the question below on what it means to think critically about nuclear weapons through this lens.


What does it mean to decolonise nuclear studies and think critically in nuclear studies from an anti-colonial and anti-racist perspective?

Learning Activity

Ask students in pairs or threes to brainstorm “what does it mean to think critically about nuclear weapons from an anti-colonial and anti-racist perspective?” using post-its to capture and share keywords, phrases and ideas.

We then invite you to explore our three cases on ‘Bandung and disarmament’, ‘Israel, Iran and nuclear hegemony’, and ‘Pakistan and nuclear Orientalism’ that open up different ways of understanding the relationships between race, colonialism and nuclear weapons

Thinking critically about nuclear weapons, race, anti-colonialism and decolonisation embraces the following, and can be summed up as ‘democratising knowledge’:

Marginalised Knowledge

Hegemony and Power

Awareness of Complicity

Foregrounding race, gender, and colonialism

De-centering Western-centerism

Methodological Pluralism

Diversifying the "canon"

Praxis and Change

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