“Taking Back the Narrative” with Professor Shampa Biswas. Press the Button Podcast.

in Media, Nuclear on April 25, 2023by Malgorzata Rudnicka

Listen to a conversation with Professor Shampa Biswas in an episode of Press the Button, a podcast on nuclear policy and national security.
Shampa Biswas is a Professor of Politics at Whitman College specializing in postcolonial theory and nuclear politics. Drawing attention to race, colonialism, gender, and ecological thinking, she discusses the significance of intersectional thinking in nuclear policy and how the nuclear field can engage with young people.

Prof Biswas and Dr. Anne Harrington, the Co-founder of Highly NRiched, are 2022 Ploughshares Fund Equity Rises grantees. Together with a team of researchers, they are developing teaching resources aimed at decolonizing nuclear studies. The resources will be available on the Highly NRiched website this summer.

Click here to listen to the episode:




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