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What is your area of expertise?

  • Nuclear disarmament
  • Nuclear non-proliferation
  • Policy
  • Other
  • Are you interested in mentoring high school or college students, or both?

  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • How did you become interested in this area?

    I did competitive policy debate in high school and college. Some of my interest was through international relations courses I took in college, but my interest really took off with a research project on nuclear proliferation the summer before my junior year of college.

    What was your career path to get here?

    Windy, as is everyone's I think. I was hired as an intern by the vice president at CSIS because I had been the national debate champion in college (didn't matter that I went to Harvard) and the North Korean nuclear crisis first broke soon after in the early 90s. I worked at CSIS while getting my master's and then went to the State Department (as a PMI, now Presidential Management Fellow (PMF)) for about 18 months. I came back to CSIS as the deputy director of studies for about 18 months, and was soon offered the position as editor of The Washington Quarterly in the late 1990s (while I was working on my PhD). I worked on a nuclear research program with Bob Einhorn and Jon Wolfsthal while at CSIS and, although we moved the journal to The Elliott School at GW in 2014, I've now been the editor of TWQ for over 20 years.

    Why should the public care?

    Because it is the single fastest way to destroy large amounts of human life on the planet. 

    What is a current issue or trend that concerns you?

    Nuclear arms race among India, Pakistan and China. Nuclear strategy among China, Russia and the United States.

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