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Contributor Since 04 March 2024

 Dr. Ritu Mathur’s  research and teaching interests are in the field of International Relations with specialization in Security Studies. She is interested in developing postcolonial and critical security studies lenses to address problems of human suffering at the intersection of humanitarianism and disarmament. Her first book, Red Cross Interventions in Weapons Control (2017) articulates a detailed account of practices of witnessing, trauma and testimony, practices of legalization and medicalization as the ICRC’s crafts an ‘effects based approach’ to arms regulation and prohibition. Dr. Mathur’s second book, Civilizational Discourses in Weapons Control (2020) studies the problem of modernity, ethnocentrism and universality as it explores how concepts of time and civilization are deployed as rhetorical resources in configuring our imaginary of arms control and disarmament as a disciplinary field of study. She has served as a guest editor for the Asian Journal of Political Science and in this capacity brought forth a Special Issue: Postcolonial Perspectives on Weapons Control (2018)  She has published peer reviewed articles in reputed journals such as Contemporary Security Policy, Critical Studies on Security, Alternatives:  Global, Local, Political, and Strategic Analysis. She has twice been nominated for the Bernard Brodie Prize by the journal Contemporary Security Policy for innovative contributions in the field of security studies. Dr. Mathur is currently working on a book manuscript investigating the problem of Security Archives and the Problem of Cyber Arms Control.

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