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What is your area of expertise?

  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Nuclear non-proliferation
  • Policy
  • Are you interested in mentoring high school or college students, or both?

  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • How did you become interested in this area?

    I applied to program, the Richard B. Russell Security Leadership Fellowship, hosted by my university. The scale of policy within nuclear issues was amazing to me, and I was immediately drawn to it. The program specialized in export controls, and I found the small, mundane items that were dual-use goods so fascinating. Did you know at one point margarine was considered dual-use? 

    What was your career path to get here?

    I completed the year long SLP fellowship, and then went to graduate school through the dual Middlebury Institute of International Studies and Moscow State Institute of International Relations program. While in grad school, I interned for Argonne National Laboratory and received the Scoville Fellowship to work at the Nuclear Threat Initiative for my last semester. After my fellowship ended, I took a job at Sandia National Laboratories within their Global Security Research & Analysis department. 

    On a non-nuclear note, I worked throughout undergrad to put myself through school, with jobs ranging from food service to the manager at a trampoline park.  I thought I was behind the curve in undergrad for not having internships and only part-time jobs, but they helped shape me into the professional I am today. I think the one of the reasons I received the Scoville Fellowship was because I didn't shy away from the weird jobs I juggled, and instead showcased the skills they taught me. 

    Why should the public care?

    The nuclear security complex touches so much more of your life than you'd expect! 

    Would you be willing to speak to a classroom about your work?


    What themes or topics would you be interested in lecturing or discussing with a class?

    Sanctions, export controls, US/Russia relations

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